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Is anyone else sick of this flaming snow?????


Active Member
OK seriously Leicester appears to be 1 of the worst areas for snow at the mo, it is snowing heavily right now, My friend in Devon has none????? :mad:
I'm getting so sick of it, I normally run 7 miles a day, give or take, and I have ran nothing in over a week and a bit now, that and I'm not doing any flaming weights and exercise after due to the fact that I have really quickly got so lazy.

I even had take out 5 times last week!!!!!!!

Anyhoo is anyone else sick of this flaming snow, or is it just me?


Senior Member
just you! nah, i'm sick of it when it doesn't give me a day off or it's snow you can't do anything with, just sludge instead.

not now tho, i have no snow, it tipped it down with rain today and yesterday.


Senior Member
lol - not really. rain is only good when you're not wearing potentially see through clothes, and when it's full on thunder and lightening, not just a bucket here and there.