Iris - Color palettes editor


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Hi everyone,

I am the developer of a new desktop app called "Iris - Color palettes editor".

I'm writing here to ask if there could be someone interested in trying the app and give me some feedback on it (bad or good). I believe this application could be very useful for graphic designers in general and I would like to improve it as much as possible, so I'm looking for people that are willing into giving me some constructive opinion.

Quoting from the description: "Iris aims at being the definitive design tool to create beautiful color schemes to use in your projects."
I recently released the first version of the app, which is available for macOS and Linux. More information and download links are available at

Thank you for reading,
I would be happy to share any other information that you would need.


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Iris 1.1 has been released, now also for Windows!

Other changes:
- A completely redesigned app UI! New style, new colors, new icons, everything has been improved.
- Mix colors in LAB and HCL spaces.
- Restore tools at startup.
- Set palettes names.
- Convert colors to RGB and HSV triplets.

Check it out!


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Is it common practice for designers to use these apps to create/refine colour palettes? I would be interested to know how many GDF members do use these apps.

I only ask because I don't and I'm wondering if I should.


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To be honest - I don't use them all that much.

They don't represent real world print colours - for the most part.

Anyway - they are fancy and might wow a client from time to time - most part I find them useless.