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IPO changes 'shameful' logo

The Intellectual Property Office used to have such a god-awful logo that I recently felt compelled to write to them and ask just what they were thinking?; did they not think that their logo was a tad... "uncreative" and "non-innovative"... :rolleyes:

It seems they listened - but alas, I never got the gig. Probably because I also said: 'are you taking the piss?' :lol:

Now, I just wonder how much they paid for the new one? Probably tens of thousands, I'll bet. It's a fine logo, don't get me wrong - but I would question the spacing and overall arrangement - it lets it down badly. :down:



Senior Member
wow, the first one is baad. but the second one, i don't get the inspiration for it? or is it just because it's creative that it's linked?

and ouch! unlucky that your creative mind overtook your business mind when you wrote to them!