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iphone vs blackberry

OK, i have a dilemma. My contract with vodafone is coming to and end and i need to decide whether i stay on with them and just get a blackberry as an upgrade, or do i leave and join o2 and go for the iphone?

Is it really worth changing contracts and numbers etc? Is it THAT good?

Same with me to be honest, I am on Orange and my contract runs out on Nov 6th. I want the iPhone 3GS but I have now heard that has been out back until December when it will come onto Orange, is it really worth the wait..?


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i have a blackberry which i love and my wife has an iphone which she loves but im not so keen on. i think if you want something for business then go for the blackberry but if you want something for email but to have a bit more fun then go for the iphone. (email is so much easier to set up on the blackberrys)


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I left Vodafone after 7 years to join O2 for the iPhone, no regrets as all, to be honest I prefer the iPhone over the Blackberry, I would say setting up email on iPhone isn't hard at all, just input your account details and you your and up and working, if you use IMAP for emails, even better!!

Massive thumbs up for the iPhone I say!



We have both iPhone and Blackberry between my fiance and myself.. personally it all depends on what you want to use it for, emailing seems to be a bit easier on the Blackberry but websurfing is rubbish, while its better for web stuff etc on the iPhone.. :) just my opinion :)
also, does anyone know....vodafone said i can have an upgrade on the 5th nov (70 days before the contract is up) - is this also the time you can decide to leave or will i have to wait until the contract is fully over - January - to do this?


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I’ve never used a blackberry so can’t really compare but I find the iPhone great and can’t see me using anything else to be honest. Interweb, e-mail, music, “an app for everything” etc etc all in your pocket.

One thing you might want to consider is the lack of Bluetooth on the iPhone, Doesn’t bother me but a lot of my friends refuse to get an iPhone solely because they can’t transfer files (you can get bluetooth apps to do it but they only work iPhone to iPhone).

As for your contract, I think you'd probably have to wait until the full term is over before you can cancel it
uh oh :( that's just made my decision. I paid extra to have the bluetooth option in my Fiat 500, and can't live without connecting my phone to the car now. That's so stupid that it doesn't have bluetooth! I'm angry!

Blackberry it is :(


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No that's ok. It has Bluetooth for connecting to things like hands free so your car would be fine. It just can't transfer photos etc from one device to another