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iphone vodafone <3

YAY! The day has finally come where the iphone is released on vodafone!

My mum is so amazing - shes outside the vodafone shop now and it doesnt open till 9.30 :clap::love:

So what apps is a must to have on the iphone?

If theres a previous thread about apps could someone link it :D

Im going for the 16gb 3gs in white woo! Sooo excited!
ARGHHH i hate vodafone :(

I cant get the iphone today because its a new contract and I'm tied into my one until 30th of march even though i could upgrade since new years eve :(

The earliest i can get it is the 28th of feb as they do a grace period of 90 days before - the first 60 days you can only upgrade to certain models - then from days 60 - 90 you can upgrade to anything.

Im so annoyed :(

Stupid vodafone :(
Yeah but id still have to keep this one till it runs out :/

Its not me who pays for it anyway lol its my mum so I guess ill just have to wait :D

Have fun in work!


Senior Member
fair play, although personally i'd be happy with two contracts- you can have two girls (or in your case, boys) at once witjout anyone eevverr knwoing.

i have two iphones- one is on Pay&Go - unltd texts/internet for £15/m - the other is on £35/m paymonthly 600mins 500txts unltd interwbs.
I want an iphone but i refuse to have another contract, my last one came out with MEGA BILLS! :(
I have no self control! So im back to pay as you go! (BORING)
HippySunshine i always thought, on orange get unlimited text. Then i thought they could put a block on it. But not so sure about that anymore, i know they used to.

Now when i asked about it, they didn't really know lmao. And unlimited texts is only 3000 + however many you should get. So in theory i only get 3300.