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iphone ipod song problem


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At the risk of becoming stupid. My old iphone could play all my songs in a random shuffle, simply go to songs and tap shuffle and I'd stick it in my dock speakers and continuous random music all day.
My new 3g if i hit shuffle i get the same track over and over again till i physically tap the next track on. Am I missing something?


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OK!!! DON"T RUB IT IN!!!!!!! It's a Saturday, I'm at work and my brain has collapsed!
But at least now i can get past that first Max Bygraves track!


Senior Member
Sorry I can't help, I've never used the shuffle, the only other thing I can think is you might have come to the shuffle bit the wrong way.

But to be honest you are probably using 3.1.2 whereas I am still on 2.whatever
TomStutt said:
whos Max Bygraves?

I Wonna teelll yoouu a stooryeeeee.........who's Max Bygraves indeed!:)

The consultant at my work was ready to play merry hell at the O2 showroom
because his iPhone's audio output wasn't working.

I had a quick look...so after clicking off the 'mute' switch I handed it back to him.

Just goes to show...the further up the tree you go, the more of your arse you show.;)