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iphone accessories

Hi Guys,

Just got my iphone and am looking for a cover. I looked on the apple site but they are kinda expensive however I would pay the price if there was nowhere cheaper and decent quality is key. Any ideas?


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Depends what you're after. You can get a hard casing, a softer rubber case, or a full-on leather wallet-looking thing.
Personally I went with a very inexpensive rubber case from amazon for my iPod Touch, it's saved me a couple of times.


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black air jacket set £24.95 (with 2 screen protectors and matt finish case)
clear air jacket set £24.95 (with 2 screen protectors and slim see-through case)

mobileme £58 (20GB of online harddrive and amazing sync features between your mac/pc and iphone and cloud. also can track your iphone, remote wipe it, remote pin-lock it, free push email account with great filesharing capabilities, online gallery, web hosting, instant contact/calendar syncing between the cloud/pc/mac/iphone when one device edits an event/contact)
universal dock £35 (charge your iphone next to your computer and keep it clean - with free remote and appropriate docks)

all from apple but all quality products.

i hate the bulk of the incase sliders but they're great for protection. silicon ones are good for protection too (in pocket or dropping) but they stick to dust/specs of **** really easily.

i'd always go for the air jacket set as they come with 2 screen protectors (worth £9.95) free inside it. plus the case is lightweight but really sleek and does the job really well. perfect cut-outs for the camera/headphones/loud or silent/volume rockers spaces too.
I used a black wallet opening thing worked fine for me.
Also bits for cards and the like.

eBay cost about a tenner.

But you do need a case those things are just to precious and too damn slippy!
i bought black plastic hard shell called 'contour' from the apple store, for £19.99....and i had bought a clear film for the screen from eBay for a few pounds, has done the job a treat.

Tom Sound

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I bought my case from iWorld

They don't sell it any more by the look of it, it's hard plastic and turns into a stand too, made by speck. After over a year of dropping it frequently my phone remains undamaged (fingers crossed).

My Colleague has a rubber case made by incase and with a similar amount of abuse for the same period of time, his phone is fooked, all the phone case is split and coming apart.

Something else to watch out for is a mate of mine carried his in the same pocket as his rolling tobacco and it's all got into his phone to the extent where it blocks the camera lens up, until he taps it to move the baccy particles around :D


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You considered the clear plastic sticky stuff (invisishield iirc) you can get, it won't stop knocks but it will stop scratches supposedly


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Levi said:
You considered the clear plastic sticky stuff (invisishield iirc) you can get, it won't stop knocks but it will stop scratches supposedly
It is very good to protect against scratches and you can hardly tell it's on. I had mine on my 3GS for 2 months, it started to peel and so I contacted ZAGG and they shipped me a brand new one ( lifetime replacement)