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iphone 4 internet usage


Senior Member
Im getting myself an iphone but dont know how much internet usage I'll need....

Anyone mind throwing me a few figures and what they use on an average month?

I'll be using it for regular emails, some apps etc! uploading a few pics....

Thanks all
Well I have like 1GB allowance a month and since I had my iPhone 3Gs in february I have used about 600mb since then so I havent even gone close to that 1GB a month. I am forever online checking emails, checking this, checking facebook etc etc!

I use my iphone4 a lot (a near enough blanket ban on the internet at work sees to that). For things such as twitter, a lot of email, Facebook, looking up things, eBay, Forums, etc.

I don't go anywhere near my 1GB a month. I only use something like 200-300mb a month.


Senior Member
Currently use about 700mb! But that has been using Iplayer when on road and such like, and full email, web, facebook etc.....


Senior Member
I've got a 500mb limit on my Android, I come pretty close to it each month but that's mainly because I like to turn on satellite mapping on Google's navigation software, any trip and it downloads the Google earth images of the land as you go. Things like this and on demand video streaming really eat it up. I don't know about the other networks but you can monitor it online with Orange.