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iphone 4 best deals


Active Member
Quick question.
Got an iphone that's now on O2 payg as contract has expired. £35 a month all in

I want an iphone 4 - what is they best deal or option around???

Tesco Mobile have some great stuff going - 12 month contracts so you'll run out when the new one comes out.

I'm currently fighting to get an iPhone 4... According to my local store, on opening day 150 people turned up wanting 1 of 15 phones they'd been given. Of those 15 only 4 were the 32GB ones I wanted... and since the 24th (launch) they haven't had a single delivery, so I still have a theoretical 135 people to fight for one.

More annoyingly is when I asked @o2 on Twitter why they weren't offering online sales they said it was to be fair - which confuses me. If you're after an iPhone 4 you definitely have access to the internet. However lots of people aren't within walking distance of a store - and therefore miss out on the launch. Course, O2 don't care, they just want to make money and not lose face with their site being overwhelmed (like ATT/AAPL).


So yeah, Tesco Mobile is pretty good.


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For me the best deal at the moment is Tesco... irrelevant of any other things it's a 12 month Contract...

EDIT: What he said ^^ just before me ...