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iPhone 3GS on Orange


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Just found out the release date for the iphone on Orange, 10th November apparently, I just had a look at the contract plans and they suck! My contract runs out on 6th November what do I do? I am thinking about leaving Orange unless Chris can do me an awesome deal some how :)


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tethering is in my view the only improvement.

but unlimited data isnt actually unlimited data.

granted it's 750MB but im pretty sure i do half of that in apps/internet browsing a month... what about downloading from itunes etc?

i dunno.

anyone who thought the "monopoly" would end was stupid, apple arent exactly gonna let orange put it at £15/m to start are they.
glenwheeler said:
lol, exactly what I thought!

it does indeed burn the retinas a bit, good job I have a week off work next week so I can go wander around the apple store like a lost puppy and then head to the orange store :D


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so Tim the question still reamains...can you get us DF'ers any deals...maybe a free handset or a half price 16gb or 32gb handset? lol..I am willing to pay a decent amount, if the spec is decent lol


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HAHAHAH that's awesome.

orange arent going to be popular

three of the most popular apps in the uk are over 100MB, one is actually 400MB, so anyone who is an appoholic (nearly every user) is fucked!


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its possible, I downloaded civilisation for my ipod, 140meg, so that is a fifth of your downloading before you've even gone online!


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just look at how much you're planning on using it.

youtube videos? 50MB+ **
downloading an app/itunes? 10-800MB
using apps which are connected to the internet?? 1/2MB every 5 minutes or so
IM+ or BeeJive? prohibited **

** orange have said that their network plans prohibit usage of instant messaging and maybe even usage of the youtube application unless connected to wifi.

looking at the figures you dont think you'll use that much. but just consider the times your on the bus/train, first thing in the morning, when you're on a night out, uploading images to twitter/wordpress/msn/facebook/myspace/whateverthefuck, you'll be reaching 750MB easily


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chrismitchell said:
bloody hell Mike 140meg for Civ on the ipod .. thats massive LOL :)
I know! its the trial version, but it's the full version. Sadly its not as great as I remember, however they have upgraded it loads.
Existing customers still in their contract are likely to be screwed over anyhow. Take it with an entire bag of salt, since orange store staff aren't too high on the evolutionary scale ...

My boyfriend went into an orange store today and was told that existing customers won't be eligible for iphones (unless of course you're currently eligible for an upgrade). Seems a little odd to me, but we'll see. It's still an excuse for me to travel back into civilisation next week and go hang out at the apple store :D