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iPhone 3GS Conference Calling

Hi Guys,

I was just on the phone to Orange trying to sort something for my brother. I added the call to speak to orange and left hijm on hold. I then wanted to merge the call from the menu on screen but it wouldnt merge what so ever...does anyone have any ideas about this? Or know a fix..? Or was i just using it incorrectly?
cool thanks man, bascially i have 2 people on the phone...one on hold..one who am speaking to. I then select merge call and it just swaps them over...as if its just using the swap call..


Senior Member
okay, so call the first person

when they've answered, press "add call"

when you call the second number the first will be put on hold.

when they second number answers you can hit merge and there you go.

when you want to drop someone from the call, hit "conference call" and it'll show all people in the call, then you can get rid of one of them or talk to one of them privately.


Senior Member
nope you can do it whenever.

just dont press any other buttons that those or you'll probably take yourself dsown a separate route.