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iPad tips


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hi guys, so i got an iPad for Christmas, completely unexpected! Now Ive downloaded all of the basic apps and a few games I wondered if anyone could recommend any apps that they find really useful (for any walk of life!)


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haha,thanks typo, that was my first purchase! Ive bought angry birds, time crisis, everybdoys golf and scrabble. I also added the twitter/facebook apps, flipbook, dropbox, adobe ideas, PS express and then got a few free news apps (bbc, sky sports, telegraph, NY Times, Empire mag)


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davewill said:
thanks jimlad, ive already got that on my iphone. ive wasted many a bus journey collecting gold rings!
Nice one, don't waste your money on Sonic 4 though, I got the PS3 version and it's floaty and slow.
Pulse is an excellent RSS newsreader, updated recently to pull in Facebook and Twitter feeds too. Project magazine is worth a look. It's Richard Branson's new ipad specific one. Second issue has just been released. Looks amazing with the video backgrounds and the interactive adverts.
Guardian eyewitness (a photo a day) is worth a look.
Flick Kick Football is a great paper toss style football game.
Fruit Ninja is cool
CineXPlayer is a great video player, letting you watch movies in most formats without converting to apple formats.