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iPad Mini, big disappointment?

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by Printed_com, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Printed_com

    Printed_com New Member

    What does everyone think of the iPad mini?
    Slightly disappointing!
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  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Screen res was expected to be was predetermined with the old iPad's, it does seem a tad low on the ppi when compared with nexus 7 or samsung tab 7.7, both with 720p screens.

    It is very thin... maybe too thin (would have to hold it to see)

    Overall to me it does look nicer than the iPad though. I'm not keen on the chamfered edges to the body, seems like it could be a major source of reflection on the silver body.

    To me it seems overpriced for what is essentially the new ipod touch (aka the iPad 2) with a larger body and screen... if it was an a5x instead of the a5 it wouldn't be too bad price wise but personally I'd still pick the nexus 7 over it... especially if the rumoured price drop/capacity increase comes true on Monday :)

    Mind you it doesn't matter what people (I) think, it will still sell as it has the 'apple' brand attached and I'm sure we'll see the usual marketing push..
  3. tim

    tim Senior Member


    may i ask why? :)

    first of any new product is going to be a lower quality so that shareholders can justify the company's new spend on a product with no sales history to prove it's worth. if you want a great iPad mini it'll be next year's (e.g. look at iPhone vs iPhone 3G, and iPad vs iPad 2).

    i like it, i'd use it on the tube as large iPad is not easy whilst standing.

    not happy about the screen res but totally expected it for this year's.

    £269 seems a lot at first but hardware feels 10x better than the plastic that is the 7" Nexus. glad there's LTE versions, don't mind that they're more expensive.

    apple didn't become successful by undercutting competitors. they always made hardware that people would love to use and that would work well with existing devices and future devices. it'll be a hit because of it's quality (e.g. apple modified aluminium to create their own grade for the back shell of the iPad mini - didn't spray paint plastic like Acer or Samsung like to do)

    yeah it'll sell because of the apple brand, but also because it'll be a nice product to hold and use. anyone with an existing iOS device will already have apps to use for their ipad (that are full scale 7" versions, which most of the time come part and parcel with the iPhone/iPod touch apps), so people know what they're buying on a higher level than with Android devices.

    i'm surprised there's not a comment from Levi or the OP about the iPad 3 being replaced already... after 6 months... bit of a d*ck move if you ask me!
  4. mcskillz

    mcskillz Member

    Anyway as a long time early adopter of all apple products I'm feeling very disappointed that they've chosen to upgrade the iPad just months after the previous release.

    Also the iPad mini is the first time apple has made a 'defensive' release. A 7" tablet is hardly progressive and is clearly there to answer the likes of the nexus. It should have been cheaper too there's no doubt in my mind about that.

  5. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    That wasn't part of the original question and I'm keeping on topic :p

    Can't say I like it either but it had to come at some point (lightning port) and like some sites are pointing out the refresh cycle is now hitting the 'holiday' season so I'd say it's likely a more 'money' orientated move.

    Um... Squiddy/Greg I think mcskillz broke the forum lol
  6. mcskillz

    mcskillz Member

    Edited from my phone and it's went mental!
  7. tim

    tim Senior Member

    totally agree with all that you've said except the price point.

    all the other manufacturers have admitted that they make 0 profit off the devices and rely on their app/book stores to make any money on them. if anything, this is the main reason why in 2 years Apple will have a large majority of 7" device market share. apple are in for the long haul, but aren't going to screw up their own business in the mean time.

    think about it like this: if Amazon and Acer are making 7" tablets that look and feel like sh*t and they're not making a profit on them, why would Apple be able to undercut them with better hardware?

    Jobs always said that 7" tablets were dumb, and i mostly agree, but i have no doubt that the cheaper end of the tablet market is so exploitable and open right now, that Apple could jump in and forget their previous principles.


    didn't you say that about the first iPad?
  8. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    more than likely, because that's what it was, it still is :p

    In this case though it's even more true :)

    The new ipod touches (the one with the lanyard) use the a5 dual core processor to run the 4" 1136x640 (727,040pixels) display, the iPad mini (and old ipad 2) uses the same a5 dual core processor to run the 8" 1024 x 768 (786,432) pixels of it's display. So they have the same processor, I'll assume same ram but different screen res/sizes and a slightly larger case (I'll assume the battery is bigger too) which basically equates to the iPad mini being a bigger ipod touch :)

    The new new iPad (iPad 4) uses the a6 processor and the old new iPad (iPad 3) uses the a5x which could have been used as a major selling point as the a5x would have given similar performance to the a6 on the mini due to the lower res etc. Now the mini will realistically perform equally or worse (more pixels to push) than the ipod touch (assuming equal clocks etc).

    It's probably part of the reason the iPad mini was being pushed as more of a 'reader' than a gaming machine, which like you've alluded to is likely ideal for places the tube, part of the reason the nexus 7/kindle have probably taken off is due to the idea they fit in your pocket easily for 'travel'.

    Having said all that... IF I was to grab an iPad of any sort (say for checking out my website on, an expensive purchase for literally one thing) I'd be grabbing a iPad 3 from the refurb store or 'sales' that will soon happen. All the retina display with the old universal socket and no real issue with performance for the foreseeable future.

    Oh and did anyone notice the size of the hand used in iPad mini promotional images... he has the longest fingers ever lol
  9. DeanZappy

    DeanZappy Senior Member

    Yeah I noticed those E.T fingers on the ads!

    I think the mini looks great, only downside for me is the price. If this was £200 for the 16GB I would have bought one for my girlfriend for xmas. Right now I think the best thing would be to go for the 9" with the superior internals for an extra 140 quid. Better in the long run, I think the mini will be seriously dated in 3 years just like the iPad 1.

    This will fly off the shelf either way.

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