Hi everyone,

I was pointed in the direction of this forum because another member (Jazajay) thought I might have some useful information to provide. I work in the area of SEO and am an active member of the forum which is where I met Jaz.

I'd be happy to help out with anyone who has questions related to SEO and hopefully I can exchange that good karma for some help with design questions when I have them.

Jaz can verify that I'm not a total hack so hopefully I'll be a helpful resource to all of you and I look forward to participating!
Hello mate, welcome to the forum!
It's always good to know there's some skilled people around...
If you ever need help with brand / GUI or things like that you can give a shout.



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Hi lumberjack!

Welcome to Design Forums, great to hear our resident coding and SEO guru Jaz invited you to the forums :D guess he's had enough of handling all our SEO questions on his own!!

Thanks for joining and look forward to hearing more from you :up: