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Introduction of me - a revolutionary guy :)

Hello everybody,

My name is Konstantin, I am a proud owner of a stock photography web platform.

I have joined the forum, because I want to raise a topic which should be of importance for any of you who use frequently stock photos and I want to get as many points of view as possible, because this is the way to change the status quo.

I firmly believe that the present business model of stock images services is NOT working - not for the clients, neither for the photographers (I have tested it both as a photographer and a client). The system is too rigid, outdated and unfair. I believe that there is a better way to run this business where:

- prices will be lower
- photographers will be better paid
- competition will work better for everybody
- the clients will get images which respond better to their specific needs

And all this can be achieved by letting the co-creation model to work in the stock photography business.

As a start I am trying to get as much opinions from the industry as possible, in the form of a survey, which I am running at my blog.

If you would like to support me in this cause and express your opinion on the present model of stock photography, please be invited to my blog and leave your opinion or ideas - all of them are welcome. I will leave a link to my blog, I hope it won't be regarded as spam, since I have already started another thread elsewhere in the forum with the same link (sorry about this)

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