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Introduction - Hello!

Hello, it's a pleasure to join a forum like this designated just to the main topic of graphics which is what we share our interest in.

About us:
We (Ethereal Arts) are an online graphic designing company, who's main target at the present time is YouTube as we are not a well known or recognised company in the market. Therefore we are focusing on YouTube to enable us to expand but gaining the knowledge required, we know the target market and we set upon changing that at each of our presence with ever changing graphics. We class ourselves as young graphic designers with an interest in graphic designing and business. Ethereal Arts is run by two people who where they lack in business experience they make up for in the creative and developing of the skills they acquire. Ryan; who is 16 is still in full time education and shares a significant interest in Engineering but with a side path of Graphic designing as he shines a light to the YouTube community. The other member of Ethereal Arts is Adam who is 18 and has a part time job, but enjoys video editing and graphic designs.

Why we came on this forums:
We came on this forums because we are a 'small time company' who have little knowledge of how the companies in graphics work so we are sticking to simple YouTube tutorials, speed arts and various other styles of graphic videos. However we are hoping to have a website built where we can have our own portfolio and partnership with various companies who can help us reaching milestones and goals, and also in return producing graphics worth looking at that stand out. We came on this forums as we feel we need to expand our views on YouTube and learn from people with greater experience and knowledge with graphic designing. We are not hear to plain advertise we are here to learn, develop and improve as time goes on and hopefully expand to the point where we gain income on a regular basis and produce graphics which is seen. We need the help we can get as it won't be around for ever and we feel this forums is a great way to start and expand as individuals and as a company.

A little bit about Ryan:
Ryan is in full time education and has an interest in Engineering and currently one of fifteen in a year of 200 selected to do Level 2 diploma course in engineering and has shared a great interest in this subject collecting 4 A's so far. He also studies product design which is in the course which is closely linked to the engineering course and is manufacturing a iPod docking station soon. Ryan is 16 and has only been in graphic designing for approximately 6 months and now is developing a YouTube channel for Ethereal Arts.

A little bit about Adam:
Adam has finished his full time education and has a part time job and has had a past with YouTube and has done various video editing and graphics and has been creating graphics for the past year and has the most experience in the industry. However he wants to expand and develop and gain income so he can use it in the near future and to have an extra bit of gold in the pot.

Our YouTube:
We feel our YouTube channel is one of the best ways to get our work around and that's what we've done. We have set up a YouTube channel a few months ago and now have the pleasure of creating tutorials, speed arts and much more. We were delayed on making videos as Ryan's laptop broke so he had to buy a new one. Our YouTube channel is very small but with a few likes, comments and subscribers here and there we will be growing very quickly in very short amount of time. Underneath this you will see a link in which we would like you to click, which directs you straight to our YouTube channel and you can have a look at what we've done so far.
Ethereal Arts - YouTube

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to posting on this forums on a daily basis.

-Ethereal Arts.