Introducing Thinkography


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Hi everyone. I'd like to introduce myself, Danny Gosling, and my company, Thinkography. I've been designing since I graduated 15 years ago, mainly as a freelancer, before starting Thinkography in May last year.

We're small (just two of us) but developing fast. Our work includes graphic design, web design, illustration and photo retouching. My background is in print design but we're now creating more web work too.

I'm really pleased to have found such a great forum and look forward to visiting regularly.

I've posted the company website in the Website Design Gallery - I'd really appreciate any comments you have.

The site is at:

I've also recently started a blog:

Thank you.


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Thanks everyone, its good to be here.

And yes, Boss Hog, I'll gladly mention the forum on my blog, good idea!


I looked at your site it is really good!

Simple but effective :icon_smile:

Anyway Welcome! (I'm new also) :icon_blushing: