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Introducing Printing365

Hey there,

Just wanted to introduce Printing365.net and say hello to everyone here as obviously were new to the forum.

Printing365 offers Litho and Digital Printing in the UK and Ireland, we can offer same and day next day printing services.

Some products we can print... leaflets, letterheads, comp slips, business cards, brochures, magazines cd's, stickers, t-shirts and alot more.

Our pricing can be quite competitive and we'll always try to price match other quotes whenever possible.

Hope to get talking to some of you in the near future :)

I have just been on your site, although it is a nice layout, and vibrant, as a consumer i probably owuldn't use you. The reason being is there is no navigation at all.

As a consumer iwant to see what options i have, pricing and examples of work you have already done.

For example you go onto printedeasy's website. Fantastic navigation and everything is at your fingertips.

This might just be my opinion but i always say treat the consumer as if they were a baby. Give them everything at their feet. Let them see. At the moment your site is a bit like going into a car showroom with no cars, just a receptionist describing them

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member

Whatever that little jQuery box is meant to be, it doesn't work in chrome and there's just a 40px tall image in IE.

and I shall just echo Sams comments really. As a web customer I would expect to see all stock options etc on the site.

The site itself could do with a bit of designer lovin' too, not just the functionality side ;)


Senior Member
Welcome to the forum. I assume the websites still undergoing development. I'll be interested to see it when it's firing on all cylinders.
samjacksondesign, Wee Jimmy - Your points fully taken on board, there will be a more advanced site developed as its being discussed at the moment.

Wee Jimmy, I believe the chrome issue has been fixed :)

But if you do want to take a chance we'll be more than happy to welcome you as a client :) (as well as offer some competitive rates)