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Introducing Creative Edge

Hi everybody, let me introduce myself, my name is Huw Mainwaring and I run an advertising and design consultancy, Creative Edge, from Hexham in Northumberland.
I started my career as an Art Director in London, working at Crawfords, McCann's, Grandfield Rork Collins and finally Saatchi & Saatchi, before heading North to be Creative Director of MTA and subsequently Redheads in Newcastle, before opening Creative Edge in 1992.
I offer a highly experienced, very personal, cost conscious creative service covering everything from logo design, to full scale media advertising campaigns.
Have also recently branched out into Photographic canvasses, where I can print people's own pictures onto canvas, or choose from my gallery, have a look: Edgy Images - Canvas Prints North East | Canvas Images

Huw Mainwaring
Creative Edge
Edgy Images