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Introduce myself

Hello all

New to the forum today so just thought I would introduce myself etc...

So I have been creating digital art for a long time since 2008. I started out making 3D art using the program Blender focusing on custom weapons and set objects. Then in 2011 I joined an online course that gave me Photoshop and a student version of 3DS Max and since then I have been creating 2D and 3D art.

I have gotten to the point where I would actually like a career in graphic design or game art however although I have years of doing this as a hobbie I have little to show as a portfolio. I have a few logo designs; a little concept art and some 3D stuff but not a lot.

So that is me. Any questions?


Staff member
I do!

1. What's it like on Jupiter?
2. How do you breath?
3. Do you need a space suit?
4. If yes to 3, could I borrow it?
5. Welcome to GDF. ;)
1. Not sure at the moment as I spend most of my time on Io. Yes it's a little hot here but you can't beat the great view of Jupiter here.
2. I have a bio-mechanical face mask that I must wear all the time. It is genetically coded to only work with my biology and uses a cellular chemical process to purify the atmosphere I breath.
3. I do have a suit that protects me from the heat and radiation. It acts like an armoured second skin.
4. Unfortunately you can't as it is tailored to my specific body type.
5. Thanks