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Junior Member
hi guys my names christos antoniou, 25 years old currently a third year student studying Quantity Surveying. may sound boring just throwing figures around ordering materials and battling with clients over payments but on the weekends i throw shapes on the dance floor for fun. Currently working in the construction industry aswell which is helping me lots with finalising this degree :D so hopefully all goes well

i have a beautiful girlfriend that i have been with for 4 years and couldnt say a bad word about her even if it is "that time of the month" :angel:. no kids myself but i have got a nephew and niece aged 4 + 10 who think im" uncle cool "

music taste ranges but you wont see me at a barn dance haha. on the weekends aswell i play amateur footy in the south wales league our team is looking to push into the welsh league so fingers crossed on that one. looking for a new hobby really something i can get my teeth into and computer design has always been it i think what most people do on websites and logo designs etc is amazingly cool and wouldnt mind having tips etc or packages to buy to practice in my spare time

think thats it so yea