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intro to Random Name

I just posted this thread then it dissapeared. This kind of illustrates my problem-ie;Zero technical ability. I have managed to set up my very first shop, yay!! with spreadshirt, Id like to start submitting lots of designs to earn comission when people use them and they sell, but i dont know how other than photos. I think i need a scanner but not sure. I used photoshop a few times at uni but can afford that kind of software. I have designs on greetings cards ive made so thought i could scan them in? Can anyone advise me if im going in the right direction with a scanner, and is there cheap design software that i could get to be able to design stuff on my computer. If i had my time again i would of studied graphic design, im very creative but struggle with tech stuff. I would appreciate feedback on my website, i can handle constructive criticism (just about). The layout is a template from spreadshirt but things like the colour are my choice. Dont know if background being black makes it difficult to read? Its slogans and unique designs Hope someone can advise me re; scanner and software etc. Thanks alot.
Hi randomname, welcome to the forum. to be honest the website looks extremely basic and the use of colours is quite weak.

You need to make sure that when using colours you use a colour theme. Have a look at Kuler, a program which gives you millions of different colour schemes which would really get you started. Once you have your colour scheme you should then think about the colour of your text. Some of the colours you have used for the text really don't match to the background you have put them on, especially the pink on red, it's barely readable. Generally try and keep text the same colour but where needed such as hyperlinks, use a different gradient.

If you go to an online store and you have something specific in mind, you would want to be able to find it within a minute, not trawl through endless pages for hours trying to find it. Add a categories list which categorizes the products for their product type, e.g. mugs, t-shirts etc.

Your front page is what keeps customers interested long enough to want to click further into the sight. At the moment it's not clear what your site is about. Take a look at other sites similar to what you are doing and see how they have represented themselves with layout.

To be very honest, I wouldn't shop on your site as it just looks too unprofessional, try using the tips about to give a good start, but really if you haven't got the technical abilities to produce a professional looking site, hire someone else to do it. There are plenty of web designers here so why not post a job on the job section of the site asking for quotes but make sure you give a budget so they know what you are looking for. A professional looking site can lead to being a profitable site, next step, SEO and marketing!