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Intro post


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Long time web developer, rubbish designer, not that I put either on my CV these days!

Currently managing a small IT Department in the sunny (?) county of Cornwall and am about to embark on a freshen up of our site. The site is very basic (not my baby as it goes) and I've been adding some CMS features to it and a backend database over the past year or so, but now it's time for the dreaded update.

I like to develop in classic ASP (hey - go with what you know right?) and would love to be able to have the time (and be paid for it) to develop a lot more, alas.

Hoping I can catch a good few ideas from around here, but perhaps more importantly get some helpful critiques on layout, design, etc



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Welcome to the forum. There's quite a few web guys here who I'm sure'll happily critique any work that's posted.


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Welcome aboard Jannerman
Like the job title you've gone with :)

I'm sure you'll find plenty of feedback and discussion on web design work, and I'm sure in return you can assist those less technically minded (me) with various issues! :p