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Internet speeds during summer holidays


Staff member
School summer holidays, the bane of any small business that uses the internet to transfer large files....
Year in, year out we, well I, get this constant annoyance where by when all the kiddies are off school my internet speed plummets, just because bt are too lazy to actually give us the hardware/bandwidth we really require to allow us all to use the internet at it's rated speeds.
I normally get over 800kB/s download speeds (could go faster if I changed to adsl2+, but on too good a deal to change) yet when the kiddies are at home I can go as low as under 200kB/s, which considering my exchange can do adsl2+ is just annoyingly stupid, I'd hate to think what sort of drop I'd see on adsl2+.
Because I know it happens I expect a speed drop for my downloading but this year is by far the worst I've ever had, even more annoying when upload NEVER slows down....
So has anyone else noticed or gets annoyed by the 'holiday traffic'?

Sean Lee-Amies

Actually now that you mention it I have noticed it, and it's been happening only recently! The internet companies are all a load of arse holes anyway. Like with Virgin, heaven forbid your service goes down and you aren't the main account holder. They don't even bloody talk to you otherwise!


Staff member
Can't fault my isp in general, got a minor thing to sort out (interleave is on) but then I'm not with a large company and I can get direct access to one of the owners if I need it, never do really as to be honest the connections generally pretty solid.

Tony Hardy

I've just recently changed to Sky. Had no problem for the first month, but this month, it's slowed right down. Now you mention it though...
My Sky can go quite slow during 7-8pm, but it doesn't last too long. I just work around it, plan in advance! It's the same everywhere though I reckon, bloody kids!