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Internet Security


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I’ve got a PC running Norton 2010 and I’ve had no problems with it. But sometimes I get a paranoid feeling that my webcam has been accessed and people are watching me working, yes I said WORKING. What does everyone who rocks a PC have in way of security?


Staff member
adsl wifi router with built in firewall, port 80 diverts to my nas, microsoft security essentials, windows 7 built in firewall and windows 7 x64 uac set to normal.

Got CCleaner installed but not for internet security, thats for tidying up the pc with in my case.


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Doesn't your cam have a little light next to it that shows if it's active or not? My mac does, and perhaps the cam can be triggered without the light flashing, but I'm not really bothered by it.


it does have a little light next to it when its on.. but i'm not bothered by it either :)


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yes there is a little blue light but I figured the seasoned hacker could get around that., actually my camera is independent of my monitor so I could just face it towards a wall or even construct an elaborate diorama to fool the potential intruder into thinking they were spying on some hostel-esque torture chamber, but that might be going to far.
Pretty unlikely that anyone could/would bother doing that, but I did disable mine in device manager on account of my fat fingers hitting the start video call shortcut in MSN sometimes.


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Wee Jimmy said:
Webcam hacking to see if the house is empty is the way of the future criminal masterminds.
Home Alone 5? or is it 6 now?
Speaking of which.. this will make everyone feel old, Macaulay Calkin was 30 a couple of weeks ago!!


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I know it's hard typo, I know mila is hard to let go of but you know it's time to put the past behind you and move on :p