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Intern/Work Experience advise

Hello everybody!

I have question about intern or work experience. Do I understand right - it is the same thing? I found out that some companies offer such opportunity, but I have no idea what it is... Have you ever tried it? How does it work?

Currently, I'm looking for a job, but lack of UK experience - is quite a problem. Is it real to get this "work experience" for a professional?

And the main question: what should I write in a letter, applying for an intern? What grounds can I state? I believe there should be some rules or templates for such letters, but google couldn't help me...:)

Thank you advance for any ideas or advises.
I am really appreciate it! :love:


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as far as i know work experience and an internship are two separate things.

work experience is working somewhere to get the main idea of an environment of work, whereas an internship is when you spend quite a bit of time actually being in the environment of work, not just watching it pass by.

Maybe I'm wrong though.

If you're writing to a company tell them your ideas and see if they're interested in your prospects..?


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Hi Anastasia,

An internship is more of an American word/concept I think, the equivalent of an internship would be like an apprenticeship in the UK. As for work experience if you're applying to design agencies for work experience/work placements they will most likely be unpaid, but as you say will help to build up your experience when applying to positions.

As for letters, what's your goal? Do you want a work experience placement? Or are you trying to find a full-time position?
Thank you, guys, for help.

So I believe, both things are just unpaid temporary work?

Greg, yes, the end goal is a finding a full time job. Not obligatory on the place of internship (or this "work experience" thing).
Of course, it is the biggest dream I could ever have - to work with people who make FHM, Maxim or Elle. Even for a couple days or weeks and completely free :)). But I am not sure this is a proper thing to write in the letter...:)

P.S. Sorry for all mistakes. It was a tough day...


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No worries Anastasia,
Do you have a rough letter planned out? Maybe it would be an idea to post what you have and then people can make suggestions from that, I think you'll find it easier than trying to find a 'template' letter to work from :)
It's better later than never:)
I wrote a simple letter, but I believe that there is no need for anything really complicated...

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a graphic designer with more then eight years of experience in magazine and newspaper design, image coursing and editing. I am at the peak of my career in Latvia, and wish to further enhance and expand my skills, knowledge and experience and use of it in United Kingdom.

I believe that working experience in a HF, a publisher of world-wide known magazine names, is the best way to adopt the highest level of professionalism practices. As I am sure that you will find me very professional and responsible worker.

Please find attached to this email, a copy of my CV and Portfolio, for your kind consideration. "

What do you think?