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Interesting in Designing Websites.

Hi Guys
I am a student in the UK, who specialises in logo design. I have designed for companies around the world. But now, I want to enter the world of Web Design too.
I occasionally enter logo contests on 99designs.co.uk, and really want to begin entering the web design contests too.
It says that I would only need to complete the design, not code it.
I have a few questions:
- I believe I need to use photoshop? (which I have). Is that correct
- Do you need to create layers for each element
- What do you do where you want menus and search boxes to be? Do you just type them out/use shapes?
I will have some other questions once these are answered.
Many Thanks
PS. Sorry I am very inexperienced in this sector at the moment. . ;)


Personally I don't know. You will also find many designers on here take a personal stand against using sites such as this because of how they affect our industry. Basically these sites devalue the industry and make work more difficult to secure.
It might be beneficial for you to use to create some portfolio pieces but I would encourage you not to rely on such markets.
I understand, I don't rely on them by any means.
I am not well known or professionally employed, so I need a workflow, when I have completed the more important client work
Thanks though,


New Member
I would get started by just making some yourself. Don't jump right into client work. Make some demos that you can think up. Post them here and get critiques maybe?
I agree with Squiddy on the whole 99Designs.co.uk idea. I'm personally not a fan and it doesn't do justice to hard working designers. Why would anyone in their right mind slave over an entire project with hardly any incentive at the end and to top that off work against 300 other people.
I'm not going to deny I had a go at them first. I won a few too. But it's not a feasible, supportive way to work and I can see how it devalues others.


I can see that they would be useful for people who've just started, as it is easier than trying to go out and find clients when you've got nothing to show. It's also an easier way to make portfolio pieces as you're given (some sort of vague, bastardised) brief to work with. Give it a go, and then post up your work here and we'll critique it for you.
However, I wouldn't bother entering more than 10 or so of those mini speculative competitions, by this point you should have ample work for your portfolio as well as having the means to promote yourself and get your first client.
If you really want to get into website design full time then its best to get yourself a good grounding in HTML and CSS coding, and maybe a little PHP as well. If you have been designing logos in Photoshop and Illustrator then you should be able to jump in and design website layouts in these programs without much further training, however taking those design and actually building the site take a lot more work. Get yourself some books on HTML and CSS website design and go from there. good luck.