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Interactive Design Institute - Study online

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by idesigni, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. idesigni

    idesigni New Member

    Hi there,

    As we are new members of this forum we wanted to introduce ourselves and our company.
    We are the Interactive Design Institute; the UK’s leading provider of online qualifications in art & design.

    We work in partnership with University of Hertfordshire, and offer courses in Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior & Spatial Design, Photography, Interactive Media Design and Product Design.

    All our courses are studied entirely online. This means that not only can you study from home but can even continue to work at the same time. But how is it possible to study design online, you may ask? Why not see what our students say.

    I think the work our students produce speaks for itself. *Why not take some time to view what our newest graduates have produced by visiting our gallery?*

    Incidentally, If you have completed an HND or have industry experience then you could enter one of our degree courses at a higher level and complete your degree in less time.

    If you are interested in furthering your education or in formalising your qualifications please contact our friendly admissions team they will be happy to discuss your options with you.

    We look forward to meeting you.

    Interactive Design Institute
    Graphic Design Degrees | Interior Design Courses | Study Online @IDI
  2. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the GDF, I look forward to your contribution.



    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum.
  4. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    Great stuff - I'm sure you'll be a regular contributor.
  5. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum.

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