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Inspiration... or lack of it.


Staff member
One of the first things I do everyday is check out a few design sites I've visited for ages now.
fromupnorth, designyoutrust, inspirationhut, creativebloq, behance.
You know the thing.

A few of these have been kind of re-jigged recently.

Maybe it's me and I'm just getting a bit jaded but I don't seem to see much out there in the design world that floats my boat at the moment.

I used to be pinning things and following links to Illustrators and designers web sites left right and centre but very little seems to stand out to me and I've thought this for a while.

Anyone else noticed a bit of a creative slump or maybe I've just seen it all and I've worn out the web?


Staff member
To be honest I know where you're coming from, design in general has become a little stagnant.

A lot of product design has become 'cut and paste', truly innovative stuff isn't really that common now. I just cancelled my subscription to 3D artist because it was getting very repetitive, even the reviews were getting less and less...even when there's plenty of new things coming out.

Graphics - we've strangely still got that 'hipster' stuff going on and everything else seems to be going 'flat'.

Web - flat responsive which all seem to look very similar, almost like they're using the same templates
I can partly agree with you, that's why maybe the best solution for lack of inspiration is checking out news & sites that are outside usual design area.


Staff member
Glad it's not just me.

I tend to like a pretty broad spectrum of stuff, illustration, typography, graphic design, animation and I do search out new portals.
The ones I listed were just a few of the sites I look at and I'm always looking for new ones.

I've also noticed that I find there's not as much content being added as there was on the sites I visit.
I used to really like FromUpNorth as before their refresh they used to do a round up every day on a different area which was cool.
Some of the blog's I used to visit have even gone cold and stopped posting.

It's not that I'm searching for 'the next big thing' and not necessarily inspiration , just good work as I do have an interest in seeing it.