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Inflatable Army

The whole inflatable army thing is not new.
They where used in south east England prior to the D-Day landings.

The problem with these is heat. Most machines give of heat, even you and me.

In Bosnia the answer to this problem was the green house heater.
Pop one underneath and it's enough to fool thermal aiming system and pow
there goes a wasted laser guided bomb worth $300000.



Senior Member
Need to get a couple of these!! Going to look at getting one if can!

Want to try some stuff and can imagine them being softer than an actual hummer if it goes tits up!

xxmissbirdyxx said:
Do they do an inflatable Lewis Hamilton to go with that?!
I already have my blow up lewis, and a card board cut out, signed!! However I would'nt mind a blow up nicole scherzinger too :D ffffffwwwooooaaaarrr!!!