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InDesign Problem

Discussion in 'Adobe Forum:' started by dedwardp, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I'm having a big problem with InDesign as of this evening and was wondering if anyone had ever experienced similar and therefore might have a solution.

    Using InDesign CS4 I put together a football club matchday programme, it's an 88 page issue and we're up to issue 9 for the season. Usually once each one is finished, I package it all up, rename the packaged folder for the next game and then use the new folder to commence work for the next match.

    Saturday's programme is due in tonight/tomorrow morning and all of a sudden my file sizes have shot through the roof, and I have no idea why!

    The .idd file itself isn't so bad - the last four including this one, from oldest to newest, range from: 108mb, 146mb, 148mb, 169mb, so there's nothing particularly out of the ordinary with it.

    But the PDFs have gone extremely high. Usually the PDF outputs at around 80-90mb, but this one has come out at 251mb?!

    It's perfect bound, and the cover is typically 12 or 13mb but, again, this time it's 20mb. There is nothing especially different about this issue to the rest, so I can't understand why there's such a drastic change. It's made life more awkward this evening with proofing, for example, as even exporting via the 'Smallest File Size' option, for example, is bringing out files at 60-70mb when zipped up that usually go down to around 8-15mb, so it's been a lot more hassle sending it across to the editors.

    I've tried copying each page into a new document to no avail - literally have no idea, any help?

    Much appreciated.
  2. gprovan

    gprovan Member

    It sounds like you've possibly included photos that are too large. i.e., you've reduced them in scale but not file size.
    I would check all the files linked to see if there's any glaringly obvious huge files.
    Another option is to do with the way you save the PDF; by just changing the JPG compression option to high, this can make a huge difference but probably won't be noticable in quality.
    One other thing is to open in Acrobat Pro and use the optimize option. This can radically reduce file size too.

    Hope some of this helps :thumb:
  3. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    Thanks for taking the time out - I've been through the links folder trying to see but the folder itself was no larger than the other issues have been. I've been through reducing it quite a bit so it's now the smallest links folder of all of them yet it's still coming out really large? :icon_frown:

    In terms of saving the PDF, I'm using the same preset I always use for everything, nothing has changed to that. I've opened some older issues and resaved them and they're still coming out at the smaller size, so I can't imagine it's anything to do with that as nothing has changed.

    So confused!
  4. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    Seem to have found the root of the problem - where I have the two club badges in the header of each page, this opposition's badge seems to have been causing a huge lag.

    I'm not sure whether that's due to it being a particularly complicated EPS file or anything like that, but I relinked it to an image as opposed to an EPS and the file sizes are saving more normally again.

    Who'd have thought that a 3x3mm EPS file in the header could add almost 200mb to a PDF size?!

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