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Indesign Magazine


I was wondering if someone can help me, I have just started my college course in graphic design and have been tasked to make a Magazine in Design

I was wondering if anyone has a magazine template they could send me to give me some help?

firstly what program will you be using? secondly one thing you should learn straight away is research! have a look at other magazines on the market and use them as inspiration for your own design.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Magazines, newspapers, etc are all built on a grid structure, so look at some grid examples. It's relatively simple to then create a grid to define your layout in InDesign.

I'd expect your course to be teaching you how to do things like this? Or am just really out of touch with college courses?


Senior Member
Agreed, different mag's use different grids so find one you like and do something similar. Or you could go grunge style and place elements by eye, useful for a notebook style publication.