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InDesign CC performance issues

Is anyone using indesign cc?
I've been testing it out on 2 different set ups and its really slow and horrible to use. This is comparing it to cs6 on the same computers with the same settings.
Exporting the .indd from cs6 as an .idml and opening that in CC doesn't make any difference. Newly created CC docs are a bugger to work with as well. Its just really laggy, things are horrible to move and scale. It should in theory be a lot faster as indesign CC is 64bit as apposed to CS6 that is 32.
Its also fairly well documented on the adobe forums.
Hey Balders,
I installed InDesign CC last week but I didn't have the opportunity to test it yet. If you want I can look into specific areas and give you feedback. Are you interested in anything specific?
Hi Gianluca,
Thanks for having a look, its basically doing anything in InDesign. Resizing images, resizing objects, inputting text, moving text and images boxes around....pretty much anything really.
Hope you have better luck than I did.
Much appreciated.
Ok, so last night I worked on inDesign CC for some time to see if the program is slow. And yes, indeed it is. There is a delay every time I switch tools, every time I scale an object, every time I save a file. I am actually concerned because I am going to work on a brochure design project next week. Quite frankly, I can foresee multiple headaches on the horizon.
Thanks for having a look and sorry your having the same issues as well.

It's worth raising the issue with adobe because the more people that do then hopefully the more likely a fix will come.

Do you have an older copy of InDesign to fall back to?
I am sure than an active community such as the Adobe's one is already aware of the issues and they are addressining it. I will take a look at the troubleshoot area in any case. Since I am a Creative Cloud subscriber, I can download the CS6 version of all the software; it looks like I'll have to stick to InDesign CS6 for now.
That's good you can at least download cs6. CC isn't massively different really. Slightly improved font menu, built in qr generator and 'greatly improved performance' as its 64 bit.