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Including reviews on a website - bad idea?


Senior Member
A client would like people to be able to leave reviews of his business on his website. He means actually ON his website. I don't reckon it's a good idea because 1. I'm not sure I'm able to set something up simply (I'm not an expert!) and 2. Someone might leave a bad review.

I've found an easy 'comments' thing I could put on: Html Comment Box - Website Comment Box Code, but frankly I don't think the client will remember to look at it regularly or is techy enough see to any negative remarks.

I'd like to suggest he sets up a page on TripAdvisor and I then just link to it from his site, but I'm not certain that I'm not talking through my (Kylie-esque) backside. ;)

Your wise comments appreciated guys! Thanks!


Senior Member
simple, add a Discover your community - DISQUS box to his page. Make sure all comments require moderator approval. He'll get to vet the ones he want's to be seen by the general public.

Having said this getting his happy clients to review via Google businesses will have tremendous benefits in terms of SEO and he can also copy and paste the best ones to his site!


Senior Member
Thanks for that. TBH I'm not sure he'll cope with the moderating, however easy it is. (And I don't want him asking me to do it - for free probably!)

I think I will encourage him to follow your second suggestion. It'll be me doing the cutting and pasting but at least that's something tangible I can charge for... :)


Junior Member
As Wac suggested, Google businsses reviews is a great shout, probably your best bet... Definitely a good idea to steer your client in that direction.