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Important factors required to decide on logo design

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by Sofia Williams, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Sofia Williams

    Sofia Williams New Member


    I am confused to choose the design of my business logo. I am looking for unique and professional logo design, so I want to hire the top quality services from any good company. In addition, which factors are very important for selection of a business logo? I am looking for a well reputed company, which can help me for logo designing services. Help me regarding for smart logo designing services.
  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Your logo is probably the first thing a person would see of your business so it's pretty important really.
    They say that people judge you and form an opinion in a few seconds just by looking at you and I guess the same could be said about a companies branding/identity.

    If my ideal client were to approach me then they'd have thought a lot about what they want before speaking to me.
    The more you can communicate to your designer before hand the better.
    You'd be amazed how many clients have asked me to create them a logo/branding without having a clue what they wanted.
    You'd never approach a architect and say:

    Client: "I want a building designed please".
    Architect: "Of course. What kind of building?"
    Client: "I don't know but I will when I see it. Design some for me to look at".
    Architect: "Groan, FFS!" :(

    Think about what kind of image you want to portray of your product/service.
    Is it traditional, elegant, modern, technology, slick, robust, colourful, corporate, personal?
    Maybe write down some key words that may describe your business.
    You could create a bit of a mood board on Pinterest of the kinds if things that you think are applicable and share this with your designer.
    This would make you "a very good client".

    Say if you were a grocer selling organic goods then things like "nature, traditional, wholesome, outdoors" kind of things spring to mind.
    Try doing a search on logo sites like LogoPond and pin things that you like, even if it's just for the colour, font or a certain element of them.
    Do you want just text (Logotype) or an image/symbol to accompany it?

    Do you have a budget? If so let the designer know early on and they may be able to accommodate you even if it isn't that high.

    The better idea the designer has before hand of what you want, the better job they will do for you and it could also save you a lot of money too. BONUS! :D

    Regarding finding a designer/company to do it for you.

    As with anything I tend to go on recommendation.
    Are there people you know who have had some design work you like done?
    If so ask who did it and what their experience of working with them was.

    If not then you can either look locally (if you want to deal face to face) or broaden your search.
    If you use a company you may end up paying more and you may not get to speak to the designer who will be designing your logo and have to go through an Account Manager.
    With a sole trader/freelancer you will be dealing with the designer from square one.
    There are some very good designers on here that could help.
    (If any do contact you, have a look at their post count to make sure they are a regular member and not just jumping from out of a bush)
    That's a metaphor BTW. ;)

    You really do get what you pay for in most cases so avoid anyone saying "Me very good design person. I give you ten designs for $20".
    You'll probably end up with a stolen design or a bit of free clip art with your company name added.

    Look at a designers portfolio or web-site to see the quality of their other projects.
    Does their style and quality fit with what you want?
    They may also have some examples of logos they've made for others they could show you that are along similar lines.

    When you've agreed a fee you may be asked to sign a contract to protect both you and the designer. This is a good thing.
    Expect to pay a deposit up front (around 50%) or instalments at key milestones and the balance on completion when the designer passes over the files.

    To start, the designer would probable give you some sketches or visuals of a few ideas to move forward.
    You can then use these to get closer to your goal and the designer can take your feedback to alter or refine them until you get your logo.
    Some designers will give you a set number of iterations and amendments included in the fee before they may charge you an additional fee.

    You should expect to get your logo in the format that suits you but make sure you get a vector version of it and keep it safe.
    Vectors are the super clean version that can be scaled to any size without losing quality and can come in .eps, .pdf, .ai format. PDF's are good as you can view them in any image viewer.
    Pixels or "rasters" (.jpg, .png, .psd) are the kind of image that you see on the web and will lose quality when enlarged.

    That's it really.
    Just choose a designer that you like. Even better that you can get on with.
    Tell them what you need to the best of your ability.
    You get an AWESOME logo.
    Designer gets to buy some food and shoes for their kids.

    RESULT! :D
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  3. Athos

    Athos Active Member

    Really interesting! Lot of useful informations here, Thanks scotty!
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