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IMG Hover CSS Not working in iInternet Explorer

Hello all,

I have implemented a basic image hover command in CSS its working smoothly in safari, firefox and chrome however Internet Explorer doesnt recognise the command and the image remains static any thoughts

#gallery img:hover{  -moz-transform:scale(1.9);  -webkit-transform:scale(1.9);}


Staff member
it wont work in ie - your commands are css3 (non ratified) which ie8 and below doesn't support

ie may have custom commands to do the same or it's down to javascript.


Senior Member
You'll need to use javascript for it to work in IE.
But honestly, perhaps you shouldn't bother at all. What's the site for?


Staff member
glen it might be with older browsers but when css3 supports zooming and removes the longer javascript with a simple css command you can understand why people want everything standardised