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Image resolution for big print ?

Hello my name is jhosep, well im a senior in a technical high school and for special technical requirenment i choose graphics design for my shop :D ( dont mind my english i just moved from south america 2 years ago ) so in my high school im the best graphic designer, well one day the coca cola company came to my school and they were looking for students to work with them designing, i looked them and i said me. straight to the point they offer to do a banner design for one of their trucks wich the size is 193 inch wide x 140 height so they send me the images to use and its the cocacola logo and some football fans drinking coke. the cocacola logo is 20inch W x 10inch H 300dpi and the fans 35 inch W x 10inch H . for some reason i set up all my stuff in indesign 193 x 140 inch and place the images there. knowing that the images are in 300dpi i doesnt matter if a stretch the up so it can fit, but after stretching the images they look pixelate and im scared if the cocacola company print them out it wouldnt look HD crispy looking, so i need some kinda help please. by the way i got 1 week to the the project.
thank you
View > Overprint Preview
Its better not to work with Overprint Preview selected as it can slow you down.
Is Indesign showing any errors in the bottom left of the screen? The linked image could have been moved.
Right click the images and change the display to high quality? (I think that's the menu options, I don't have ID on this laptop to check!)
For the agencies who like to send me images that are 10'x3' at 300dpi(!) - yes really - it's quite a simple idea to grasp that the further things are away from you, the less the resolution needs to be. You could use a 300dpi image on a double page magazine spread on a 48 sheet poster if you wanted and still get the same perceived quality out of it. Generally, I go by:
Half a metre or so (reading said magazine) - 300dpi
A metre to 2 metres - 150dpi
2 metres to 5 metres - 100dpi
Anything further than that - no more than 50dpi
Good job,I appreciate your work because i have the same problem,but your post solve my problem.Thanks for sharing information,your information increase my knowledge.
For truck banner, the machine resolution limit is much less than litho printing (300dpi), just maintain the artwork resolution around 100dpi. Anyway, for large banner, you don't need to make it so clear. Try to use vector colour strips, lines, text if you don't have high quality image resources. Also there is some software you can find online to improve resoulition a bit, but don't consider it will help a lot.