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image hotspot customisation


Senior Member
hey guys

anybody know if there's any possibility to create a rollover effect on a hotspot. I know you can obviously do a rollover on a image using javascript, but involves too much work in this instance.

any ideas or tips?


Active Member
I'm pretty sure you can't with an image map I think thats one of the downsides to it as its kind of a shortcut instead of slicing the images up really. - would love to know if there is a way!

What about using a js tooltip instead so when you hover you get a box pop up saying "click me" or something along those lines to make the link more obvious.
There is a way actually. It is kinda tricky and I can't really explain it any other way but there is a way to do it in Dreamweaver...I created it a few years back on a really thrown together website for a place I work for...a pediatric dentist company. It still essentially swaps out an image but it does the entire image rather than each button. Then it puts the link on that hotspot.

Pediatric Dentists - Phoenix & Mesa, AZ - Dr. Randall K. Lout

Check out the code on that.