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iMac or PC... with comparison pics though!

Bascially is it still worth getting any of the iMacs over the PC with the spec in the picture (I know the PC does not have a monitor listed).

Apologies if the comparison maybe hard due to the pictures, but basically the PC seems to have double the spec of the top iMac... I know this isn't the be all and end all, hence the thread.



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Oh no...

Some people like Macs
others like PCs
I imagine anyone on the forum would benefit from having a working knowledge of both OS's

the spec of the low end macs will do what 99% of people want a computer to do
the spec of the high end macs will do what 99.99% of people want a computer to do
for everyone else, I imagine they would be self building their own PCs to a ridiculous spec due to their work...

If I had less than £1000 to spend, I'd buy a very good pc, If I could spend any amount I'd buy a very good mac (even though I could get a better spec'd PC)

People have different opinions on what is better... People like different things...

The mac will deliver on reliability, speed, customer service, design, style, image, usability, but all these things come at a premium cost.

Not much more to it really

(Oh and some people will argue that mac's are an investment as they will last longer)
Hmm, yeah thanks Renniks, that is kind of where I am at in my thinking.

Whenever I have used Macs I have liked them and saw getting one as the next step but my head cannot ignore the PC spec compared to the Mac one and the high price of it.

I've just had an online chat with someone from the Apple store who was pretty useless tbh. Refused to answer my question above and just seemed like they were copying and pasting generic Apple answers.


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Look at it like this: you sacrifice a little bit of the specs to get a much, much better OS (nod)


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Onartis said:

Look at it like this: you sacrifice a little bit of the specs to get a much, much better OS (nod)
Cough hackintosh cough


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ralphsaunders said:
omg, that's the guy from =3 ?
It is, but try to keep it in your pants...

Oh Hackintosh Shmackintosh... stupid Mark *grumbles*
Might as well throw boot camp out there then since we're somewhat on that topic now :p


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Like I said, given you have the money, spend it on a mac...
Bootcamp is great :) VMware of sorts is great too :)
Hackintosh is a bit rubbish


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Typo said:
Well I still go with the Mac.

Although Windows 7 aint tooo bad.

Hardware is hardware look at the operating systems OSX v W7.
Windows 7 is great :) shows alot of promise for where they might go.

Hardware may be hardware, but the cost of said hardware changes alot depending on it all
Mac is certainly the way to go. This time last year I was on a PC, now after buying a Mac I would never go back. It's not just that they look great, fantastic for design work with a great performance and display, but also the ease of use. Everything seems to flow so well and everything you need is just there. Just one stylish swiss army knife i say.


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Um that dell doesn't look to have a screen, you try adding on the cost of a 27" led backlit display and you'll find that the imac will be pretty good value.

If I was buying a pc right now that was for purely graphic/web design then I'd chose the i7 (upgrade option) imac 27" and have bootcamp plus either parallels or vmware installed as they are pretty good value at the moment (I've said it before when it was first released!), although obviously put your own ram in as apple (and others) rip you off if you upgrade.

I know it's shocking isn't it considering I'm usually fighting on windows side lol

Obviously I won't be buying one as the gpu's are useless for my 3d work :)

Typo - cpu's
The dell uses the same socket as the imac does and the upgrade to the i7 cpu in the imac would basically be using the same cpu (different speeds though iirc)
In this instance the cpu's used in the imac are - i3 is dual core (with hyperthreading for virtual doubling of the cores), the i5 is dual (with hyperthreading for virtual doubling of the cores) or quad core (no hyperthreading but is faster than hyperthreaded in equal test) depending on which one you go or i7 quad core (with hyperthreading for virtual doubling of the cores). All support turbo boost for speed increases on single threaded apps and more cores equals more performance on apps that can make use of them.

Forgot to say they all use the same base architecture so if using 1 core with the same clock speed with no hyperthreading and no turboboost being used they would perform at exactly the same speed :)