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I'm totally shocked about this new look


Senior Member
Hi all

I haven't been around for a while and...
I'm totally shocked about this new look!
Hmm... I preferred the previous one :(
Well, I must say that the forum looks very clean now, perhaps cleaner than before, but
the previous design has more personality. Lets see how I feel about it in a few days...

Speak soon...


I had posted here as well last night but the server fairies must have removed this one too with the maintenance.

I felt like you did too at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Why don't you hang around for a while and see how you get on with it, I'm sure you'll adjust! Failing that, if you could let us know what it is exactly that you're not getting on with then we can see about making some changes :)


Senior Member
It’s just about identity. I find it a bit too plain right now (I might be wrong). I remember that -
as a whole - the previous look had a stronger identity. After I saw it the first time I remembered it.

The new logo is not unforgettable in my opinion. I think that this forum needs - actually deserves -
a special symbol that people can recognise in every context. Example: logo on a t-shirt, sticker,
poster, etc…


Ahh I see. I'm inclined to agree with you there, I first thought you were perhaps just not liking the site from a useability point of view.


Senior Member
No, the usability has improved in my opinion, but I was shocked because when I came
back to the forum after a long time, I thought I was in the wrong place… so I tried with
design forum . co . uk :) which is a site the I had already accessed by mistake in
in the past :D so I came here again feeling quite puzzled.

I must say, the guys have done a good job. I’d just think again about the logo. A bit of
continuity would do the trick probably. For example the quotes occur to me when
I think about the previous look. I’d add them somehow to the logo, and that’s it I think.
No need to have them anywhere else around the page.


Senior Member
Hi all


Thanks for the feedback, there's some further revisions planned for the design, it was more a case of getting the forums onto IPBoard ASAP to prevent the spam sign-ups, etc.
I'll look at re-introducing the speech marks in the logo, I thought keeping it cleaner whilst maintaining the colours would be a good development - maybe a step too far! :)

I think that a good signifier, like a speech mark, wouldn’t make the page
less clean. In fact sometimes good images or very significant symbols have
the power of making a layout look cleaner.

The fact that upon reading this I had to scroll up to remind myself what it looked like proves your point.
Yes I keep scrolling up and down too, every time I refer to it. Also, I feel
as if the word ‘community’ distracts somehow, because it doesn’t match
the url.


It’s very clean and well designed, though. What about using it just like a
lettering? Then it could go somewhere besides the logo.