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im not sure where to put this? FOR SALE

Im unsure if im allowed to do this either? Sorry if im not... not sure where else to put it.

Im unfortunately having to get rid of my wacom cintiq 21 ux .

I cant seem to get in to using it, i feel this may be a massive mistake to get rid of it but its cost me 1900 plus 200 for the ergotron arm. its been set up in my office and is brand new.

i bought it 3 months ago. all the nibs haven't been used and its basically in the same condition as it was in the box brand new.

Its an amazing bit of kit and as a graphic designer its a shame for me to get rid of it but the way things are I could really use the money.

inbox me if interested and post me offers. thanks
Ahh one of those would be nice!
I wouldn't mind picking one up sometime, right now I don't have the money for it, though.

If you're just doing graphic design, and not so much illustration, I could see how it wouldn't be as useful as it might sound, I could see where you might be coming from.


That's a lot of money to spend on something you're willing to sell after only 3 months!

I really, really want to buy it from you but I just don't have the money and wouldn't be able to justify spending that amount on one piece of equipment. That's worth more than my entire computer.
thats cool thanks for replying...

its one of those things, i really planned it out n thought it would be of use to me but i just cant seem to get in to using it

there absolutely amazing! but i just dont do much illustration i bought it mainly to create better vector graphics but i dont think this is right for the job, a mouse and some tuition seems to be the best outcome?