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I'm designing for 2012 olympic volunteers! You got any ideas?


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Hi I'm a design student and my Uni wants us to design the outfit for our volunteers at the game.

I wanna know about your views on whether or not to have some union jack elements and do you guys still hate the 2012 logo? what about the vibrant colour ways thats used in the branding such as the pink, lime and blue as seen in the promotions.

Our guys are gonna be working outdoor most of the time so I'm thinking of a short length hooded rain coat/wind breaker in airtex fabric with a bit of cycling element. It'd be great for the ones who decide to keep the outfit after the game to wear it to cycle around london. Also how about taking some detail elements from country sportswear like hunting jackets? etc.

any ideas are welcome.
some images to get you guys thinking -



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I'll just copy and paste Greg's response to a similar thread elsewhere on the forum
Greg said:
Hi there,

For a start you've posted this on several forums in a copy and paste style, I don't think you'll get many replies if I'm honest. We've had students with surveys and research requests before, and without showing any interest in becoming part of the community here or posting anything else before asking all these questions, I doubt you'll get many replies, or for that matter a quick way to get your research done.

mrp2049 said:
we are getting bombarded today!
it's that time of year, final projects etc


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thanks for your replys I didn't mean to upset loyal members of the forum I just thought I might give it a shot having read a few interesting threads from this site before I am just looking for a few tips and comments from you designers out there.
Introducing yourself might help mate. Go to the thread and drop something there 1st, I think people get a little fed up of ppl who wonder in and then wonder out..