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Im creating my dream website and need a logo, can you help with some info

Hi All

In the last weeks I have bought a domain and hosted my site , I am currently building website and am looking for a logo for the site, do you know any cheap software that is easy to use that I could play around with to create a professional looking logo for the site ??

I would appreciate any advice you could give me as the website cost escalating and now have little money left to either have the site built for me or have a company design the logo.

Kind Regards


Paul Murray

Staff member
You'll only get a professional logo from a professional, the software itself won't give you the design (unless you use a 'logo builder' or something, but they're rife with copyrighted imagery that will land YOU in trouble if you use them).

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much at this stage, if needs be just do with something that's purely text-based and throw it up on the site. Work on building up an audience and gaining revenue before you fork out for extra costs. Most people won't give two hoots about your logo at this stage anyway.
Those were my thoughts exactly..

Also you have to be careful on your approach to this topic. I'll tell you now a lot of designers are very touchy about this type of software and people expecting professional level with no cost. As it undermines our profession, and inevitably puts us out of a job, all the while filling the world with terrible logos. :icon_frown:
I agree with Cosmos, find yourself a font and double check the licenses attached to them for usage. Or you can get in trouble that way too.:icon_smile: