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I'm buying an Apple Computer

I heard from my dad that I'm allowed to buy myself an Apple computer. I'm thinking of a Mac Mini or MacBook. I need something cheap and portable. What would be the right choice for me?

And also, I need to be able to use my Dell Inspiron as a screen (if I get a Mac Mini). Would this be possible?



I would recommend a MacBook then purchase the cable converter to allow the Macbook to use the extra screen.. I used to do that :) was great to work on :D


Senior Member
I bought myself a macbook 4 months ago, never looked back. My friend has 3 (stupid person) mac minis, and says they're all brilliant, but I never hear as much hype from him as from his mac.


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Nope, get a standard Macbook Alu, not white. The new "Green" Macbooks are same spec as old Macbook Pros but in a 13"! They are sick little machines, screen is very nice. I have a Mac Pro & Macbook White and only thing i am not sure about new Macbooks is the trackpad button all in one.