Illustration style question!


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Hi guys new to the forum but been at design/illustration a while now. Im currently working on a project for a kids book and wanted to try and use the organic-painterly styles (where you can see the brush strokes) style quite a few times before especially for foliage, but I'm not sure what it's called/if there are any good tutorials on it on YouTube? And possibly other artists that are known for this style? and




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I don't there will be a name for the 'style', it's just a matter of experimenting with textures and brushes in Illustrator and Photoshop.


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Same as Wardy but when we were talking about a style that has an organic, paint feel we would refer to it as "painterly illustration style".

Also, if you try searching "50's animation backgrounds" or "mid century animation backgrounds" you'll get some decent reference as it's in a very similar style.

Photoshop maybe the best tool but Illustrator has some great brushes you can get hold of and these guys are good for Ps and Ai brushes, also a lot of good reference, articles and tut's.

Also Affinity Designer may work well as you can mix vectors and rasters and it's known for its ability to create textures.