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Illustration Re-use


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Hi folks, I need some advice.

I do a couple of bespoke company Xmas cards each year. Now someone has called up wanting to use one I did a couple of years ago, but put his own clients logos and branding on it, due mainly to lack of time to produce a whole new illustration. There's no work involved for me.

Now, this is a first for me, and I don't know what the going rate is to charge. Does 50% of what it would cost for a new illustration sound enough?

Any advice appreciated, or has there been a thread on this before?


Staff member
I find that the AOI forum is good for things like this.
Try doing a search for "re-use fee" or just ask on the forum as there tens to be a lot of chatter on things like this.

Me personally (not knowing my arse from my elbow) I think 50% for zero work is pretty appealing:)


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What Scotty said. I've not had this situation, but if you can get away with charging 50% of the fee for 0% of the work, go for it.


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Thanks, guys.

We settled on 40%, so Merry Xmas to me.:)

It makes up for losing a bit on the job I've just finished due to not
quoting enough initially.:(

Win some, lose some.