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if you had a personal project....

for me personally I'm looking at two things at the moment. One a series called "The Mischievous Cat Series" and secondly a series of paintings that run with a theme, at the moment I'm thinking of striking landscapes. The mischievous cat series stems from my first illustration which was based on my partners cat. Whilst chatting in the pub one day about the illustration the series came into my head and so many ideas flooded into my brain so I knew this was something I had to do and there would also be so many paths I can take it. With the painting series it comes from my main passion of art and a great want to exhibit my work and become recognised. My thoughts on the theme are only a first thought but it goes with one of my specialist techniques and also the thought of wanting to not just have people say, oh what a lovely painting, but also, wow "speechless".

So those I my long term personal projects at the moment.
Working through my Animal Alphabet project which is fun. Five done so far....21 to go.
I'm enjoying writing the silly words as well as the illustrations.
Also have plans to produce some portrait work for some friends.


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I have about 2 or 3 graphic novel ideas in the works. Writing and illustrating. Should probably find more time for them, but that's how it goes.
I find working on comics and graphic novels an excellent way to keep sharp when things are a little slow. They encompass illustration, typography, layout and a lot of other facets of the creative process to make a single page.
Plus telling a story of your own invention is a lot of fun!
I was thinking of projects to work on to keep me going over the uni summer holidays. I think I'm going to do another book cutting illustration, I bought 2 books for my original project at the start of uni and still have one leftover so I might aswell use it.

I also want to work on an alphabet book (sorry Typo, promise I'm not copying! :) ) - I sort of started one a few years back when my daughter was starting to recognise letters etc, but I wasn't a confident illustrator so I scrapped it. I'd like to get one done at some point.

And I just finished my first proper childrens illustration today so I'm currently considering turning it into a picture book. Childrens illustration is my big aim career wise, and I always said I'd like to do a childrens book at some point so I'd be pretty excited to get started on that. I'm just not sure how well I could do it yet..


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Illustrating scouser scallywags is my long-term project at the moment. Plus doing stuff for the karate club. I'm getting asked to do more birthday cards too.

I'd really like to do some graphic novel work but thinking up a good story is the tricky part.


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I've got a few half completed comic scripts if you're interested in a collaboration.

EDIT: Saying that they would probably need a dust down and re-write so someone else could understand them! But if you've got some spare time, and (hopefully) I'll get a bit more once I'm Wed, might be cool to bounce some ideas around.


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Typo said:
Bet that's fun.
It is in many ways though it’s hard work sometimes. We are a small group of designers who are trying to contrast involution in consumer products and inform consumers about this side of the manufacturing industry so that they can keep an keep on it when they shop.

Just to give you an example: we think that a mobile phone with a camera is not really an evolution of the previous fashion; it’s a combination of two existing technologies that sometimes involves a lot of compromising between them. Hope it doesn’t sound to boring! :)


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probably design an 'anime' mech of some sort. Think gundam meets rahxephon type affair, got a pretty cool idea stuck in my head but it would take ages to model but will likely get round to it at some point :)