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If you could go back in time change ONE thing!


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The debate over film trilogy's raised the Back to the Future scenario....

Knowing what you know now.......

If you could back in time like Marty McFly.... what would you change or do differently?????


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Id be tempted to go back a day and use myself as a sparring partner, but that would cause a paradox. The better he got, the better I'd already be, and my younger self would need to remember to go back also and do the same. Any changes to the fight could alter the universe irreparably though, so I probably wouldn't do that.

Which school of time travel are we following though?

Back to the future, where changes happen on the fly and with the risk of fading away?
Doctor Who, where some events are fixed and some are in flux, but a paradox could unravel time altogether?
Star Trek, where a trip to the past is a one-way ticket creating an alternate universe?
Terminator, another one-way ticket that seems not to effect anything in the long run?
Bill & Ted, much like Back to the future but with invisible guitars.