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If you could get stuck on one page...


Senior Member
Today the internet failed on me, which means my currently open tabs still worked and some previously cached tabs. So, if you could get stuck on only one page for the rest of your life, which would it be? Don't bother saying DF because you can't click through to a topic.

There is also a similar topic somewhere on a different forum asking which application you would want to keep if it's the only one you could get. I said Firefox because they didn't say whether or not there was internet :p
But if you had no internet the weather wouldnt update?

If i had to get stuck on one page it would have to beeeee

a page with a pic of someone really hot e.g taylor lautner :D


Senior Member
True, guess wouldnt update!

In which case, my site so i get tempted to kiting and leave my desk and head to the beach :D

And with regards to the above pictures, just like looking in the mirror hahahaha!! lmao!