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Ie9 Wiping session data please explain why


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Right I have this rather annoying problem.

On a Joomla cart I have created this custom shipping price function, the shipping is passed to the cart via a PHP session. This works in all browsers okay. However if their is a problem with the card, The system is using Paypal Pro, the page reloads and outputs a error with card problem message.

Then only in IE9 the session containing the shipping is empty. All the others still contain it and show it etc... just IE9 on page refresh. This page is SSL and the page before it is SSL so as this is only happening in IE9, Works fine In firefox, chrome, safari, Opera and Ie8 via IE tester, can any one explain to me how I get it to stay in IE9 before a massive rewrite to use the db, which if anyone has coded for Virtuemart and Paypal pro knows it was put together by an infant and is unfortunately a mahoosive job.

Can someone please explain why IE9 is acting like this and how to get round it please as I can't find any answers to this and it really has gone passed funny now? :mad:


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Jazajay said:
I have created this custom shipping price function,
There's the likely reasons :up:

Does it do it in IE9 compatibility mode?
Are the privacy settings the same as firefox etc
Can you test on another computer with ie9 installed, might be a plugin or something


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I have to admit I am very impressed in the quality of cheap remarks recently, definitely coming along. :D

But no it wasn't down to that, you will be glad to hear, it was annoyingly down to option 2, sort of. I reset the advanced settings which turned off smart filtering, among others in IE9, which I believe was causing the session to be cleared. Not sure why thats a feature as that's really not a smart thing to do.

O well that was a waste of 5 hours. :mad:

Got to admit though not sure what that is for but it got even more random as it started to load random category pages once clicked before I clicked rest advanced settings to default. Now it works fine. huh, anyhoo, mucho appreciateio. Give that man a gold medal and not just for his increased wit. :clap:

Oooo I have another IE9 problem which unfortunately that did not resolve. Every time I try to log into Gmail it just keeps reloading the page and wont stop its continuous until the browser crashes, so random.

Any ideas man of answers?